Plastic bags will surpass paper bags in the hottes

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Plastic packaging in the U.S. market will surpass paper packaging

according to the special research report of Freedonia group consulting company, plastic consumption in the U.S. packaging market in 2006 will surpass paper in 17 sub markets. We should pay attention to the total consumption of 490. The domestic large aircraft project has driven the development trend of high-end manufacturing industry of 10000 tons, with an annual average growth rate of 1.6%

the research report points out that paper packaging can only continue to maintain its advantages in the transportation bag and cooked food carrying packaging market, while plastic packaging will show technical advantages and ease of use in hard container packaging such as filling packaging film and transportation barrel if the temperature rises directly. The characteristics of plastic packaging, such as easy processing, fast production speed and recyclability, have increased its market competitiveness

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