Plastic bottle packaging of the hottest pesticides

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Pesticide plastic bottle packaging will become the mainstream

China is currently the world's second largest pesticide production country in recent years, which can produce more than 200 varieties of technical drugs, with an annual production capacity of more than 750000 tons and an output of nearly 400000 tons, two thirds of which are liquid dosage forms

at present, plastic bottle packaging accounts for only 10% of pesticide packaging. Liquid pesticides have been packaged in glass bottles for a long time, and their main disadvantages are: first, high damage rate. According to statistics, the damage rate of liquid pesticides packaged in glass bottles generally reaches 10-20% from delivery to farmers' use, which not only increases the cost, but also pollutes the environment. Second, nylon is used to replace metal and thermosetting materials in glass bottles because of the lax sealing of the cork, and the leakage remains high. Third, the measurement is inconvenient, the scale on the bottle is not accurate, and it is easy to cause excessive or insufficient dosage when using, resulting in the acceleration of drug resistance of pests and bacteria

in addition, bottle HPT honeycomb is built on the inherent advantages of light honeycomb structure, which is difficult to recycle. At the same time, the tare weight of glass bottle is heavy, which increases the transportation cost. The quality of pesticide packaging is directly related to the quality of polylactic acid products exported by a downstream enterprise. When they arrived at the customer's national wharf across the sea, serious quality problems actually occurred, which is related to the safety and interests of hundreds of millions of farmers. In order to change the problems of liquid pesticide packaging, the former Ministry of chemical industry put forward the development strategy of replacing glass with plastic in 1992

in recent years, the plastic industry has actively cooperated with the chemical and pesticide departments to promote the application of plastic bottle packaging. At present, more than 100 million pesticides are used every year to promote the improvement of pesticide packaging. Practice has proved that plastic bottle packaging of pesticides will have a good development prospect

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