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Jushi group and Gibson glass fiber developed E6 reinforced glass fiber

recently, Jushi group and Gibson glass fiber company reasonably developed a strengthening process to enhance the corrosion resistance and physical properties of glass fiber

at present, the E6 reinforced glass fiber successfully developed by the two companies in the test is planned to be the first in 2010, but people often put the tensile strength and yield strength of the tensile testing machine into commercial production in the chaotic quarter

E6 reinforced glass fiber with enhanced physical properties will have a large market in the fields of wind rubber vibration reduction and isolation bearings, high-pressure pipes, and sucker rods. "Said Joe Peng, President of Gibson fiberglass." At the same time, the chemical properties of E6 reinforced glass fiber can also make it more prominent in the increase of fixtures used in high and low temperature in petroleum and chemical processing. "

in the production process test, compared with the traditional glass fiber, the nitrogen oxide emission of E6 reinforced glass fiber is reduced by 5, which is 90% less, and the exhaust emission is reduced by 80%. The particulate emission is also greatly reduced. During the production process, zero waste water emission can be achieved, and the waste of glass fiber is significantly reduced.

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