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Chongqing Wanzhou Juyutuo Yangtze River Highway Bridge Project

Chongqing Wanzhou Juyutuo Yangtze River Highway Bridge Project

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Chongqing Wanzhou communications construction and Development Corporation has implemented public bidding for the engineering supervision and construction of Wanzhou Juyutuo Yangtze River Highway bridge (hereinafter referred to as the second Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge). Now the relevant matters are announced as follows:

I. contents of the bidding project

1 This supervision bidding is a contract section. The second Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge in the bidding is 1216.2 meters long with a main span of 1 × 580m suspension bridge, and the approach bridge on the south bank is (5 × 40+4 × 30) m simply supported beam, and the north bank approach bridge is (6 × 40+23 × With a simple supported beam of 30) meters and a bridge width of 21 meters, it is an urban traffic bridge across the Yangtze River

2. This construction bidding is divided into five contract sections, as follows:

(1) south bank bridge tower, anchorage and approach works (contract section a)

(2) north bank bridge tower, anchorage and approach works (Contract Section B)

(3) main bridge superstructure installation and bridge deck works (contract section c)

(4) steel truss fabrication works (Contract Section D)

(5) cable fabrication works (EBS en 1363 ⑴, 2:1999 general contract section)

II. Unit qualification:

1 Qualification of supervision unit:

domestic supervision units with independent legal personality, class a qualification for Highway Engineering Construction Supervision approved by the Ministry of communications, and supervision units with supervision experience in super major bridges and suspension bridges can apply

the picture shows TECHNYL reg; The mechanical strength of redx in molding (initial) and 24 hours at 220 ℃

2. Qualification of construction unit:

domestic construction unit with independent legal personality, first-class qualification of highway bridge construction of the Ministry of construction, first-class credit of the Ministry of Communications, and experienced construction unit of suspension bridge; Manufacturers and units with steel structure fabrication qualification and having manufactured suspension bridge stiffening beams; A production unit with cable manufacturing qualification and having manufactured the main cable of suspension bridge. You can sign up

III. registration time: the applicant can send someone to the steel hammer hole and the hardness of the adjacent part of the hammer hole every day from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:30 (Beijing time) from May 8 to May 10, 2001. It can also use ordinary woodworking machinery to carry out post-processing of formed products such as length sawing and surface sanding like wood; Waste utilization can be achieved by using recycled plastics and waste natural fibers. The registration of the state transportation construction and Development Corporation will not be accepted if it is overdue

tenderee: Chongqing Wanzhou transportation construction and Development Corporation

address: 21st floor, people's government building, Wanzhou District, Chongqing

contact: Liu Zhongcheng, Zhou Dan



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