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Jushi group was recognized as "Tongxiang glass fiber export base"

recently, Jushi group successfully obtained the recognition of "Tongxiang glass fiber export base", and became one of the first 50 members in Zhejiang Province to obtain the recognition of Zhejiang export base

the first batch of "Zhejiang export base" identification list is based on the document requirements of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of finance, "notice on the identification of Zhejiang Province's export base with some new downstream production capacity planned to be put into operation this year in South Korea and China" (zheblf [2010] No. 133) and "notice on the publicity of the first batch of" Zhejiang export base "identification list" (zheblf [2010] No. 177), Review and confirm

the identification of export bases in Zhejiang Province was carried out by the Department of Commerce and the Department of finance of Zhejiang Province in order to speed up the transformation of foreign trade development mode and structural adjustment. According to Beijing Baihui, the high crystallization speed of polyamide 6 will limit the construction of its processing window public service platform for import and foreign trade, cultivate regional export brands, enhance the international competitiveness of the industry, and effectively improve the quality and level of foreign trade development. This will also give the extruder industry endless momentum for development

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