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June Tianjin and Beijing data acquisition symposium is in the process of registration

I. organizer:

pan China Measurement and control DAQ division

II. Co organizer:

ni National Instruments Co., Ltd.

III. theme of the Symposium

2009daq division's national itinerant seminar is "a collection of efficient, reliable and low-cost data acquisition application cases". This paper gives detailed answers to the difficulties encountered by the majority of test and measurement engineers in building the data acquisition system, as well as to improve the accuracy of test and measurement, shorten the development cycle and minimize the cost. Based on user cases, in-depth analysis of the construction and optimization of data acquisition system

IV Preview of wonderful cases

● application of DAQ data acquisition card in oil and gas pipeline safety detection system

● application of DAQ data acquisition card in upgrading and reconstruction of railway test system

● application of DAQ data acquisition card in reconstruction of X-ray machine in medical industry

● application of DAQ data acquisition card in research and development of teaching and scientific research institutions

● application of DAQ data acquisition card in vehicle detection

● DA and its low odor Properties can keep good air in the car body. The application of Q data acquisition card in production line detection and calibration

v. sincerely invite your participation

● design institutes: design institutes, research institutes

● manufacturing: automobile manufacturing, cigarette processing, beer filling, steel smelting Petrochemical industry, etc.

● welcome to learn about our company's relevant experimental machine knowledge and political facilities: subway companies, maglev companies, hydropower and coal companies, etc.

● mechanical equipment: electrical equipment, mining machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, injection molding machinery, stamping machinery, etc.

● suppliers: system solutions, control equipment, communication equipment, wireless technology, etc.

● colleges and Universities:

VI Schedule

Tianjin station

for more than 15 years P>

time: June 2, 2009 afternoon: 14:: 00

location: multi function hall, block B, 2nd floor, Tianjin Jinbin International Hotel/Beijing station, No. 135 Anshan Road, Heping District, Tianjin

time: June 4, 2009 afternoon: 14:; 00

location: Jinhui hall, 3/F, Park Plaza Huayuan Hotel, Beijing/No. 25, Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing

registration method

registration: for registration or consultation, please call DAQ marketing department

registration: please log in to the official website of DAQ business department to register

send email: please send your name, unit and contact information to daq@

send fax: please send your name Send information such as unit and contact information by fax to

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