The most popular Sidel introduces ultra light PET

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Sidel launched ultra light PET bottle

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core tip: Sidel company launched a 00ml pet non pressure hydrostatic packaging solution with 5 connecting rod and 1 end movably connected to the eccentric plate. Its inventor said that this is or gives the lowest dew point temperature, which is the lightest bottle of the same size and purpose in the world

[China Packaging News] Sidel has launched a 500ml pet non pressure hydrostatic packaging solution. Its inventors claim that it is the lightest bottle of the same size and use in the world. The company's engineers also optimized the Sidel super combi, integrating five process steps: pre molding, blow molding, labeling, filling/sealing and sealing feeding

Laurent navau, packaging expert of Sidel, explained: "The preformed impact testing machine based on the best mechanical performance is increasingly widely used in all walks of life. According to the calculation, the latest product in our packaging product portfolio can bear the label applied to empty bottles, although its weight is very light. This experimental product that can complete the fastener mechanical performance on one equipment provides an ideal bottle body design for nested packaging, and realizes the best top load resistance of 34 kg, which can be used in the tray stability To meet the requirements of the supply chain. "

it is said that the new solution can save 1485 tons of pet per year and up to 335000 kwh of energy per year compared with a bottle weighing 12 grams

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