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SIEMENS PCS7's role in the cement mill system transformation project of Jiaxin Jingyang Cement Co., Ltd.

I. project introduction Jiaxin Jingyang is a Taiwanese independent cement manufacturer with complex synthesis methods and processes, with an annual output of 1.8 million tons of high-grade cement. Its main equipment is all imported from Humboldt company in Germany, The control system adopts the S5 series PLC with many factors affecting the western color difference and the produx monitoring software with patented technology of Humboldt company

II. Transformation reasons

in order to increase the cement output, the cement mill system was expanded and transformed

original A. high precision American force transmission pneumatic sensor: 10 ⑵ 000kg with S5 control system can not meet the requirements of the new system

the original prodvx monitoring software of Humboldt cannot be fully compatible with the new system

the original computer system is a product of the 1990s and cannot adapt to the operation of high-performance software

III. process description

this transformation is to add Humboldt's roller press system to the main equipment on the basis of the original cement mill system, and the more advanced SIEMENS PCS7 Process control system is used as the control system. The original process flow was re allocated to improve the productivity of the whole cement mill system

SIEMENS PCS7 Process control system is selected for the new system

add Ethernet card to the original S5 system to realize the interaction between new and old systems

the computer system is a redundant server client architecture, which fully reflects the advantages of PCS7 System

IV. software introduction

PCS7 engineer software is used for project programming

three perspectives are adopted for PLC programming:

component view: indicates the physical storage location of each object

plant view: displays the hierarchical structure of the plant

process object view: displays the details of each object in the factory view

picture configuration, alarm information recording, data archiving and other tasks can be completed through WinCC in the software package

VI. project features

PCS7 Process control system is used to realize fully integrated automation

redundant double loops ensure the safety and stability of the system

structured programming, and the monitoring screen meets the requirements of the cement industry

it is perfectly connected with the original system to ensure the integrity of the system

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