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Siemens "crystal" holds the "Sustainable City Week" to celebrate the first anniversary of its opening.

as the center with the theme of urban development, Siemens crystal has become an exchange platform for global sustainable urban development opinion leaders.

in August this year, Siemens crystal welcomed the 100000th visitor.

XIMENZI crystal won the LEED Platinum Award and the highest honor of BREEAM Excellence Award.

the sustainable city week will focus on the impact of climate change on the city Urban livability and urban cultural construction

as the exhibition hall specially built by Siemens for urban sustainable development, Siemens crystal has become a global center with the theme of urban sustainability, a hot meeting place like other reinforcement materials and a landmark in East London just one year after its completion. From August 30 to September 5, 2013, crystal held a week-long sustainable city week to celebrate its first anniversary

crystal has successfully played its role as a global center for sustainable urban development. A series of high-end activities and international conferences have been held here and many high-level participants have been received. These meetings include the G8 summit attended by British Prime Minister davidcameron, the low carbon Award presented by London mayor borisjohnson, Newham Ted activities and the 100th anniversary speech of the International Federation of housing and planning

in terms of the number of visitors, the crystal has far exceeded everyone's initial expectations. The presence of opinion leaders, city delegations, business groups, college students, urban planners and urbanization experts, local residents and tourists has made this world's largest exhibition center for future cities a great success. On August 23, crystal staff welcomed the 100000th visitor

crystal is a successful work. After only one year of operation, it has become the theme exhibition hall of urban sustainable development with the largest number of visitors in the world. It is also Siemens' internationally recognized landmark work. Now, in the eyes of important stakeholders, scholars, business partners and the public, Siemens crystal has indisputably become a platform for global cooperation. Pedro Miranda, head of Siemens' global urban capability center, said

from August 30 to September 5, 2013, crystal held a series of wonderful activities to celebrate the sustainable city week. Among them, the Siemens festival night showcased carefully selected opera masterpieces in East London. From August 30 to September 3, audiences inside and outside the crystal appreciate the new opera works from the 2013 Salzburg Music Festival

on the evening of September 3, the round table meeting of Digital Life Design Conference (DLD) held in crystal gathered many opinion leaders and representatives of famous cultural institutions to have a lively discussion on the topic of livable city and urban culture. Ms. Helga Rabl Stadler, chairman of the board of directors of Salzburg Music Festival, artist Richard Wentworth and David Rowan from wired magazine participated in the event. The last spectacular laser show about the future of cities and urbanization ended the event

c40 and Siemens Urban Climate Leadership Award was jointly launched by C40 Urban Climate Leadership Organization and Siemens on September 4. This award is intended to recognize urban innovation projects that address climate change and promote urban action. The awards are selected for ten fields each year, and cities that have shown leadership in addressing climate change are internationally recognized. The award-winning city was independently evaluated and decided by a seven member evaluation committee. The evaluation team included former mayors, architects, representatives of the world bank, C40 and Siemens

on September 5, C40 and Siemens' Urban Climate Leadership Conference successfully concluded the whole sustainable city week. At the meeting, mayors, urban decision makers, urban sustainable development experts and participants will share their practical experience. Representatives nominated for the city leadership award also introduced their projects and shared their professional opinions on combating climate change

behind the curtain of sustainable city week, crystal will attract visitors with a series of new characteristic activities. Starting from October, Siemens will cooperate with CBS outdoor advertising and London Transport Museum to hold an exhibition called underground world: the future of 210f/g travel, to show the future of London underground transport. The core exhibit of the exhibition, a Siemens inspiro metro train platform restored to its original size, will give people a glimpse of the future Metro station

since its completion in September, 2012, crystal has shown people how cities can create a better future by showing that self-healing material is a new type of material that can automatically repair objects when they are cracked or damaged. This crystal shaped building is one of the most efficient and energy-saving buildings in the world, and has won the highest honor platinum gold award and outstanding award issued by the international energy efficiency standard LEED and British standard BREEAM. As a conference and Research Center, crystal has used 2000 square meters of space to create an interactive exhibition hall with the theme of future cities. At the same time, crystal is also the location of Siemens' urban capability Center (COC), so it is of great significance to Siemens' infrastructure and urban business areas. Specifically, the urban competence center (COC) is responsible for establishing and maintaining the strategic partnership between Siemens and various urban organizations, conducting corresponding research on sustainable cities, integrating and promoting comprehensive urban solutions across departments and business areas, uniting the sustainable city expert resources inside and outside the company, and coordinating and managing the daily work of Siemens city account managers around the world

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