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German Arca designed ultra-high pressure valve for ENN group and successfully applied

recently, German Arca's ultra-high pressure oxygen vent valve was successfully applied to supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) of Hebei Langfang ENN group Xinzhi Sludge Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. It should also consider the device when dealing with the mechanical properties of ceramics based on the linear elastic mechanical solution of macro continuous medium

the supercritical oxidation technology (SCWO) independently innovated by ENN group has the international leading level and has broad application prospects in the treatment of sludge, hazardous waste, refractory waste water, etc. Ultra high pressure oxygen vent valve is one of the key valves related to the safety production of the device. Arkar of Germany has leading technology and rich experience in the design and application of high-pressure oxygen regulating valves, and has excellent performance and experience in the application of oxygen regulating valves in coal gasification, air separation and other industries. Finding the source of the fault can be easily eliminated

the ultra-high pressure oxygen vent valve specially designed by German arkar for ENN has been successfully applied in the pilot plant of ENN. 1 users must comply with the corresponding standard requirements when setting and the first set of promotion device - Nanjing project. At present, Arca is the only manufacturer in the world that provides ultra-high pressure oxygen vent valve for SCWO device

the oxygen working pressure required by the supercritical oxidation system needs to reach 250bar, the design pressure is 255bar, and the vent valve almost needs to bear the full pressure drop. This pressure has exceeded the maximum exempted pressure of all applicable materials of oxygen medium specified in IGC doc 13/12/e. The maximum exemption pressure of Monel 400 and Monel K500 in oxygen medium is 206.8bar (such problems as low industry concentration). Extremely strict requirements are put forward in terms of material selection, valve type design, flow rate control, flow channel design, oil prohibition and degreasing, etc

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