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The German automobile industry strives to lead the international electric vehicle market

the German government is ready to vigorously support the development of electric vehicles in the automotive industry in the next few years. Chancellor Angela Merkel told the media on the 16th that the government will invest more than 1 billion euros to fund research projects, and it is expected that the market share of electric vehicles will reach 1million by 2020. 1. Microcomputer display and full Chinese menu operation will exceed 6million by 2030, leading the international automotive market

Merkel said that Germany has strong competitors in globalization. In order to maintain its leading position in the world's science and technology field, the next goal of the German automotive industry is the research and development of electric vehicles. This is not only to attract customers and export, but also to increase 30000 jobs in 2020

to this end, the government will take a series of measures to fund the development projects of electric vehicles. For example, the purchase of electric vehicles will reduce the quality of hydraulic oil. Vehicles will not be subject to vehicle tax within five years, and electric cars, trucks and vehicles with carbon dioxide emissions of less than 50 grams per kilometer will be exempt from tax for 10 years before the end of 2015. The workload of experimenters' calculations has been reduced, and the industry has responded to this. A number of automobile enterprises are preparing to jointly invest 17billion euros for research

industry experts believe that it will be a trend for electric vehicles to gradually replace traditional vehicles. From now on to 2014 is the preparation period for the electric vehicle market, and the maturity period should start in 2018. By 2020, electric vehicles will have their own brands

at present, there are only 2300 electric vehicles on the road in Germany. The main technical problems of electric vehicles are batteries and charging equipment. Because the battery energy of existing vehicles can not meet the required kilometers, and the charging equipment is scarce nationwide, most of these electric vehicles are only spare for some urban families. (2) what are type approval and type evaluation vehicles

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