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BASF Germany announced its investment strategic plan for the next eight years. It has invested 10billion euros in the Asia Pacific market in the next eight years. Recently, the world's leading chemical company BASF Germany announced its investment strategic plan for the next eight years in Hong Kong

in view of the extraordinary sales of 11.694 billion euros in the Asia Pacific region in 2012, BASF Germany is very optimistic about the Asia Pacific market and will show its strength here in the future. It is noteworthy that in 2012, the sales volume of BASF Greater China in Germany exceeded 5.1 billion euros. Therefore, Greater China has become BASF's third largest market after Germany and the United States, accounting for nearly half of the market in the Asia Pacific region

BASF will carry out this set of strategic goals in the Asia Pacific region, which is ambitious and named "we create chemistry". According to the plan, the Asia Pacific region will achieve a sales revenue of 25billion euros by 2020. In addition, 25% of the global R & D centers will be located in the Asia Pacific region to develop innovative solutions to solve the problems of resource utilization efficiency and quality of life in this region

a quarter of the R & D of BASF Germany comes from the Asia Pacific region. Although the R & D personnel in this region (especially valuable for multi hole molds) have initially realized the strategic transformation of China from a big material country to a powerful material country in the 20th century, the number in 12 years is 800, but in 2020, it will eventually reach about 3500, and establish research facilities in the fields of electronic materials, polymers and minerals. In view of the great success of opening an innovative campus in Shanghai, China, BASF hopes to establish a second similar Innovative Campus in the Asia Pacific region, and realize the plan that the sales revenue will exceed 2billion euros in 2020 by developing new businesses and acquisitions

due to the changing economic and demographic characteristics and the needs of the emerging middle class such as popular housing, BASF has made great progress in the Asia Pacific region in recent years, which has become the reason why it decided to invest heavily to build this region

of course, there is another point that cannot be ignored, that is, the impact of China's economic development. At present, China is undergoing large-scale urbanization under the leadership of the government. The real estate and construction markets are booming, and a large number of rural people have moved to cities. Buildings have been erected one after another, and the energy-saving situation is grim. Since about 95% of Chinese buildings do not need a certain amount of lubricating oil to save energy on the surface, BASF of Germany will invest in the construction field through a series of levers of 100 billion euros due to overload, such as a series of building energy-saving, cost-effective and environmental friendly new building materials such as a wide range of concrete additives, which will eventually open up a broad energy-saving market and maximize benefits

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