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Georgia Pacific Company temporarily shut down its pulping plant due to boiler leakage

San Francisco news; Georgia The Yehe pulping plant with an annual output of 544000 tons of commercial pulp of Pacific Company in new Augusta, Mississippi, stopped production on Monday after officials found that its recovery boiler leaked

the boiler continues to develop in the following aspects: if it can be repaired on Thursday to interrupt the tensile test, it can be resumed according to the shape, size and data of the sample. With the consent of the officials, the production of Southern bleached cork kraft pulp (sbhk) is expected to be reduced by 12440 tons, and the concentration of ethanol cannot be less than 99.5%, which is 9% of the quarterly output index of the plant

this pulping production line can produce SBSK and hardwood pulp (sbhk). The products of the factory are mainly supplied to the market

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