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Geoconcept connects salesforce to create a special cloud map for sellers

as a world-famous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software service provider, people in other fields may not be familiar with salesforce. But when it comes to SaaS business model, everyone is familiar with it. Salesforce is the founder of the global SaaS business model and one of the most successful companies in SaaS business to improve the quality of recycled materials. It ranks first on Forbes' list of the world's most innovative enterprises, and has been firmly on the throne for the fourth consecutive year; It ranks 19th among the top 100 employers in the world in 2013 published by Fortune magazine, and is second only to Google, SAS and Qualcomm among the technology companies on the list at the same time

saas (software-as-a-service), software as a service, is a popular software application model in recent years, and it is also the closest layer of service from cloud computing to customers. Manufacturers uniformly deploy the application software on their own servers, and customers can order and pay for the required application software services from manufacturers through the Internet according to their actual needs. For the modern market, the high mobility of salespersons requires a platform to work anytime and anywhere, so salesforce chose CRM as an entry point for SaaS business. Last year, the company cooperated with the opti time cloud map released by geoconcept to connect the CRM system with the technologically mature geographic planning engine in an all-round way. Opti time cloud map provides strong geographical optimization functions for technicians, sales and superior managers of the CRM system, such as building groups of customers according to geographical locations, optimizing routes, optimizing travel arrangements and dispatching. The latest 2.0 system will also be on sale in September this year

in the new version, considering the multi-day business arrangement and geographical conditions, such as visit frequency, priority, interval, and schedule, the optimization algorithm is used to automatically generate the optimal field schedule. Through the optimization of the schedule, the work efficiency of field sales personnel can be improved by%, and customers can therefore obtain better service quality. Users can see the information of customers in the interactive map, understand the destination environment, help accurate positioning, and improve the information quality of the customer database. Superior managers can also easily manage files, view field logs, and formulate and allocate field arrangements for a week in advance. Of course, this version not only includes the functions of the original map, but also improves the geographical latitude. From the efficiency of finding potential customers to the maintenance of user loyalty have been well reflected and optimized

daas and geographic information

in terms of development, we find that not only the geographic information industry is being crossed by others, but also the industry is constantly seeking cross-border. At present, the Internet technologies that have the deepest impact on the geographic information industry mainly include cloud computing, mobile computing and big data technology. The first type of cloud computing is infrastructure (IAAs), the second is platform as service (PAAS), and the third is software as service (SaaS). For small and medium-sized enterprises in many fields, general maps are difficult to solve the application problem of deep business. They hope to rent relevant geographic information applications that meet their needs. At this time, the development space of SaaS mode is very huge

at the 2013 geographic information Developer Conference (wgdc2013), song Guanfu, President of hypergraph, mentioned that there is a fourth cloud in geographic information, which is data. Data is produced and manufactured according to astmb800 and astmb801 standards. It is a service, that is, DAAS. As a novel it die 5, DAAS is widely welcomed for its wedge-shaped fixture. Combined with industry applications, we found that data is very important in the construction of many GIS application systems. The cost and workload of data processed at the back end often exceed the investment of software and hardware. Renting GIS data through services will significantly improve the optimization of business costs and work efficiency, so DAAS is also an important form of cloud computing in the field of geographic information. In fact, the geographic information framework and public service platform under construction in all provinces and the digital city sharing platform under construction in all cities are, in a sense, a kind of DAAS service

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