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Gebel IMAS shows cutting and rewinding solutions for the film industry

at this world's premier event in the rubber and plastic industry, gebel IMAS launched its latest high-performance Internet series of cutting and rewinding machines. The cutting machine series is suitable for special industrial applications, such as capacitor films, battery diaphragms and thick films for industrial or optical applications. The new models are divided into basic models and high configuration models with advanced functions and automation technology, with a width of 4000 mm to 7000 mm. Therefore, it has the greatest flexibility and can also ensure the highest cutting quality

Gerber AMAS' decades of experience in mechanical engineering was grandly displayed on booth 3b73, showing the public an old-fashioned slitting and rewinding machine sold in 1939, which has been in service until now. As the theme "home of slitting and rewinding" points out, Geber IMAS shows its extended weight in the film industry and special applications: 208kg The professional knowledge accumulated for many years in the metal material business has built a bridge between the past and the future. Today's intelligent equipment has greatly improved efficiency

since 2014, the high-end slitting and rewinding machine Aite 2 launched by Gerber Emmas has set a new standard for the efficient treatment of film and flexible packaging materials. The maximum working width of the machine is 3600 mm, and it can cut materials with a thickness of 2 to 400 mm. In the production process, depending on the different materials, the maximum speed of the machine is 1200 m/min. The new Aite generation 2 is a general-purpose model. Because of its unique design concept, it can be fully adjusted and extended for special purposes, such as cutting polyester film for optical purposes. The technical characteristics of the machine can also be adjusted - such as slitting and winding system - to ensure that the film surface is not scratched to meet the special requirements of customers, so as to obtain the maximum performance and sustainable value. As one of the most popular innovative suppliers of slitting and rewinding solutions for film manufacturers and deep processing industries, gebel IMAS continues to work hard to provide customers with maximum efficiency, reanalysis of curves, maximum production speed and best slitting and rewinding quality

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