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German artificial intelligence research center establishes artificial intelligence system

original title: German artificial intelligence research center establishes artificial intelligence system [China] German artificial intelligence research center is committed to establishing a

original title: German artificial intelligence research center establishes artificial intelligence system

[China] German artificial intelligence research center is committed to establishing a sentinel 2 that can (Copernicus sentinel-2 data) data is used in the artificial intelligence system of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Patrick Heber from the European Space Agency investigated it last weekend

From November 12 to 16, the European Space Agency held a week-long conference at the earth observation center in Frascati, Italy. The core theme of the conference was to combine artificial intelligence with satellite data in order to innovate and provide benefits to many people. The population growth and rapid urbanization in developing countries have placed a burden on the already overcrowded urban infrastructure, and will lead to many problems, including resource scarcity and water pollution

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in order to solve these problems, The first step is to draw a comprehensive urban habitat. "The ideal processing method depends on the type of graphene you are using and the standard processing parameter map of polymer to predict and analyze the population explosion. In this case, there is no other method to effectively analyze the data except using artificial intelligence. Patrick herb said: "Through research, we can use well-trained artificial intelligence to operate the Copernicus satellite project outpost. If the image fed back by Bing 2 is ignored at this point, and artificial intelligence will automatically classify land types. In turn, this can also automatically monitor land use changes, such as urban growth."

the project involves computer programming and monitoring systems for identifying land patterns and training artificial intelligence to distinguish satellite images. Herb believes that once AI learns these, it will continue to refine and classify new data. In the link of land planning, it is very important to distinguish between industrial areas and residential areas, and artificial intelligence should be able to complete it well. It depends on whether we have RGB information, multispectral information or optical information. "The spatial resolution of the image is also very important. The advantage of using sentry 2 image is that we can observe the changes of the earth. "Herb added.

although we are at the forefront of the large-scale revolution on emerging technologies such as AI, AR, VR and robots, and are waiting for the arrival of such a virtuous cycle of the fourth industrial revolution, we need to constantly increase our chips to achieve the goal of sustainable development. Learning machines and artificial intelligence have infinite potential in the application of earth observation, which can provide solutions to many of the problems we encounter at present Programme

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in this regard, the European Space Agency is studying and exploring new methods of earth observation, and using artificial intelligence to bring benefits to citizens. The satellites of the European Space Agency alone generate about 150 TB of data every day. Processing and using these data is a huge challenge. Using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence can not only effectively analyze a large amount of data, but also help predict future data. Climate change and environmental degradation have increasingly threatened our survival, and artificial intelligence can quickly provide relevant information

Joseph ashbach, director of the earth observation program of the European Space Agency, is optimistic about the potential of artificial intelligence in society. He said: "we believe that artificial intelligence will bring us into a new era of earth observation, which will only bring benefits to all mankind"

as more new flame retardant products will continue to be developed, intelligent innovation and its increasing use in earth observation, the goal of small satellites having artificial intelligence chips is not far away. This is one of ashbach's personal dreams. The European Space Agency plans to launch an experimental small satellite with artificial intelligence chips next year

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