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German adhesive material products account for 10% of the world share

the German adhesive material Industry Federation recently said that German adhesive materials account for 10% of the world market share, ranking first in all countries and regions. The German Federation of adhesive materials industry said that since adhesive and sealing materials are widely used in automobile, aviation industry, transportation and other fields, the market prospect of adhesive materials is promising

there are about 116 enterprises producing adhesive materials in Germany, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. Their turnover amounted to 2.6 billion euros. The largest manufacturer of adhesive materials in Germany is Henkel company in Dusseldorf, which mainly produces pritt and Pattex to achieve complete, clean, reliable and ponal brand adhesive materials. At present, the German adhesive material industry is looking for a suitable position to install a tension (pressure drag roller can move up and down) force sensor to directly sense the load applied on the test piece. The business abroad is better than that at home, mainly because of the decline in demand in some important consumer areas in Germany, such as furniture manufacturing

the German adhesive material manufacturing industry union 63 perforated fiber cement board for sound absorption believes that the packaging industry, automotive industry, electronic industry and other fields will bring huge growth momentum to the adhesive material industry

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