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Feng Shui turns: previously, paper mills were willing to pay 30% of the payment, but now they can't buy paper with cash.

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core tip from scratch: "it's better to fry paper than real estate and stocks"! This is no longer a joke. In the first half of May alone, more than 100 paper mills across the country raised prices. Now, all paper related industries have raised prices! With the price of paper, there is a shortage. A paperboard factory roast: before, the paper factory was willing to pay 30% of the payment in advance, but it didn't settle in a month or two. Koizumi said: "now I'm still learning how to tell a story well. Now I can't get paper for both money and delivery!

[China Packaging News]" it's better to fry paper for real estate and stocks! "! This is no longer a joke. In the first half of May alone, more than 100 paper mills across the country raised prices. Now, all paper related industries have raised prices! With the price of paper, there is a shortage. A cardboard factory roast: in the past, the paper factory was willing to pay 30% of the purchase price in advance, and it was no problem to settle it in oneortwo months. Now it can't get paper for both money and delivery

paper factory one price a day: the paperboard factory just finished checking the order with the customer and received the price increase letter, and was directly stunned by the price increase.

"recently, the price adjustment letters of the finished paper manufacturer have been dialed one after another, just finished docking the order with the customer, put it down, and received the price increase notice, and you will be stunned if you don't feel dizzy!" Mr. Jiang, the boss of a secondary carton factory in Quanzhou, said, "since May, several batches of price adjustment letters have been received, from the initial 5% to now 6% - 7% higher than the latest price."

"since the second half of last year, the price of paper has risen round after round, which was briefly corrected once before, and continued to rise after the Spring Festival this year. In March, the price of finished paper on the market, such as cultural paper, increased by 200 yuan/ton, and the price of corrugated paper used in the production of color box packaging increased by 800 or 900 yuan per ton. I didn't expect that this was not over." The person in charge of a packaging enterprise in Minhou, Fuzhou also said

it is reported that more than a dozen finished paper manufacturers in the province, including Fuzhou manufacturers, have continuously adjusted their prices since March. Since the beginning of May, the prices of finished paper of some manufacturers have increased four times, up 30%. Compared with last September, the price of coated paper has increased by 60% - 70% according to different specifications, and the quotation of merchants is adjusted every week. A paper packaging company in Nan'an, Quanzhou, which mainly supplies the Xiamen market, sent four "price adjustment letters" to paper customers in Xiamen in a short week: the price increased by 5% on May 3; On May 6, the price will be increased by 5% on the basis of May 3; On May 9, the price increased by 8% on the basis of the price on May 6; On May 10, it rose 10% again

in the past, the paper factory took the initiative to pay 30% of the payment in advance. Now there are dozens of large-scale plastic markets in one hand, and we can't get the paper when we pick up the goods.

"in the past, we can 'brush our faces' when we pick up the goods. We were all regular customers. We agreed on the quantity in advance, and then pay 30% of the payment when we ship the goods. Even the paper factory pays you in advance and settles it within oneortwo months. Now, we may not get the goods when we pay in one hand and pick up in the other." Said Mr. Jiang of the above-mentioned secondary carton factory

"due to the sharp rise in orders, in order to avoid serious congestion of orders, we had to suspend receiving orders." The person in charge of a carton packaging Co., Ltd. in Quanzhou said. It is understood that the soaring paper price in a short time has put both finished paper enterprises and downstream paper enterprises in a dilemma. Some finished paper production enterprises adopt the strategy of limited supply, some approve orders by hour, and some directly stop receiving orders

price increase letters have come in droves, and there are three logics for the rise of major products in the paper industry

according to incomplete statistics, hundreds of price increase letters have been issued in the paper industry in the first half of the month alone, and among them, there are many A-share listed companies such as Shanying paper that are most concerned about the dragon head enterprises in the railway cooperation industry. In this regard, analysts said that the rise in the prices of major products in the paper industry is mainly based on three logics:

on the one hand, affected by the continued trend of strong environmental supervision, seasonal production restrictions and the continuous liquidation of backward production capacity have pushed the supply side of the paper industry to continue to tighten, and the supply-demand structure has been further improved

on the other hand, the rise of raw materials drives the increase of enterprise procurement costs, which not only supports the price of paper products, but also strengthens the demands of leading enterprises to raise prices

in addition, driven by policies, under the national policy of cracking down on "foreign garbage", the status of national waste has increased, which has greatly pushed up the prices of waste paper and base paper again. Previously, the domestic paper industry imported a large number of foreign waste paper as raw materials for base paper. Since the second half of 2017, the import route has been gradually blocked, and the shortage of paper raw materials is inevitable. Coupled with the developed shopping network, the growth of paper demand simply cannot match the actual paper raw materials, so the paper price once rose

in general, the rising prices of major products and the strong performance of the RMB exchange rate have significantly improved the prosperity of the paper industry in recent years. Under the background of the continuous fermentation of the logic of paper price rise, the fundamental recovery trend of the industry and leading enterprises is also expected to be continued. According to industry insiders, with the deepening of the e-commerce industry's promotional stock period and the peak season of paper products, in the short term, the situation of rising paper prices may continue

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