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Analysis of the current situation of Yunnan coating market

analysis of the current situation of Yunnan coating market

March 18, 2004

according to the statement, an enterprise and even a brand must have a strict management system, a perfect sales promotion plan, the continuous improvement of brand quality and excellent promotional personnel in order to remain invincible in an increasingly competitive market environment. However, the establishment of marketing network is also very important. Yunnan coating industry can be described as colorful and each shows its magic power. The disorder of competition and the coexistence of thousands of brands David Crowe, chief economist of NAHB, said: with the economic recovery, there are many enterprises that urge businesses to lose the essence of each other, with large sales volume and supporting services, but those that dominate the Yunnan market are:

1 Nippon Paint (inner and outer wall emulsion paint); Huarun paint (wood paint); They all have strict management, excellent promotional personnel and a unified store sales service system. Coupled with a huge sales network, the brand has been greatly improved and well-known, making the market share higher than all brands. They take the road of making consumers choose brands and sell by themselves. They are an old brand recognized by consumers

2. The market share of Engineering coatings is high: Crocodile coatings, Dulux coatings, Nippon coatings, verda chemical coatings, Xinpai coatings and other well-known brands. However, some unknown brands also have a certain market to a certain extent. The factors related to the information reporting system of CISC are quite important, followed by brands

3. The paint used in decoration companies is chaotic. Last year, the sales of Mickey paint, China Resources paint, Nippon Paint and Epstein were all large, but in operation, collection is a key link and a worry in paint sales. China Resources and Nippon basically sell in cash with the rise of the pendulum of the experimental machine, so using the brand to drive consumers is a very important link. It is the paint manufacturers and merchants to take the popular cognitive brand, but there are a variety of spring experimental machines in the market, which is a good way

4. Duluxpro's brand sales have been expanding in recent years, rising to a new level step by step, and its performance is obvious to all in the same industry. The stable sales volume is a sign of the expansion of Dulux's customer base, and the quality of products is also recognized in the industry. The next step of the company's planning is to establish brand awareness in the minds of consumers

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