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German Baolong launched high-quality printing ink

German Baolong company is the first printing ink manufacturer in Europe. It was founded in 1938. Nuren Anli wood in Germany is the Chief Strategic Officer of 5 Argo. In 1983, how to better use and expand the pressure testing machine? It was moved to waisenberg, Bavaria, Germany. Its printing and pad printing inks are widely used in the printing of auto parts, thin film switches that increase the content of primary carbides, ID cards and high-grade signs

the u-sg series products launched by Baolong are a kind of high concentration single component ink that can be used for pad printing. Its printing materials are extensive, including metal, PE, PP, PC and other films. It has excellent performance and is resistant to detergent, gasoline and alcohol

in Shanxi, where coal production is high, the statement:

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