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GE power conversion signed a cooperation agreement, which is an important step to enter China's photovoltaic industry

GE power conversion business department signed the first memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation with Yingda Huitong Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and China Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd, Committed to promoting the vigorous development of domestic clean energy

the cooperation is expected to bring the first order to GE power conversion business department by the end of 2013

Paris, France - June 25, 2013 February 27, 2013, GE power conversion business department (nyse: GE) signed the first memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation with Yingda Huitong Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. (Yingda Huitong leasing) and China Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd. (Sinoma International). The three parties will actively cooperate and share resources in the construction of large-scale ground photovoltaic power stations based on domestic and global perspectives. The combination of the three parties integrates experts, development, technology and government relationship management, which not only ensures the quality of products, but also relieves the cash flow pressure and financing constraints that engineering procurement and construction contractors may face in the implementation of large-scale photovoltaic energy projects

the Chinese government has put forward the goal of reducing carbon emissions and energy conservation. In 2013, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP decreased by more than 3.7%. Under this initiative, China's solar energy industry has been growing continuously and developing rapidly for many years. According to the objectives set by the National Development Commission, enterprises concerned should actively establish good cooperative relations with domestic and foreign associations, organizations and institutions, and the national solar energy installation volume in 2013 will reach 10GW, which is three times higher than that in 2012 and 140% of the installation volume in the past five years. The total investment of solar inverter is expected to reach 4billion yuan, equivalent to 645million US dollars

ge prosolar centralized solar inverter can handle the input voltage of more than 1000V, so that the solar power station can manage the output voltage and reduce the cost of the power station

ge power conversion China President Liu Bo said: China is already one of the largest solar energy users in the world, and also the leading producer of hardware facilities in the global solar industry. China is actively promoting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, so the development space of clean and efficient solar energy is unlimited. This cooperation has created the best conditions for delivering strong, reliable and cost-effective solutions. We hope to become a brand that can benefit other regions

ge power conversion business unit provides a full set of modular, compact and centralized solar inverters designed for the solar industry. As a developing power technology, the design of solar inverter is based on the installation of 26gw of Ge inverter in the global new energy industry and decades of experience in controlling a wide range of utility applications

ge prosolar centralized solar inverter is the latest product developed for the solar industry. GE's prosolar inverter has the ability to handle input voltages above 1000V, enabling solar power plants to manage output voltages and reduce plant costs

ge power conversion business department has proven and trusted successful applications of inverters in the photovoltaic field all over the world, such as the largest photovoltaic power stations in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Chile. Similar products are also widely used in large and medium-sized photovoltaic projects in Australia, Spain, Malaysia and other places

about Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd.

Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinoma International) is a listed company under Sinoma Group under the SASAC. The company was restructured and established in 2001 on the basis of integrating the main advantageous resources of China's Cement Technology and equipment engineering industry. Sinoma International's main business is cement technology and equipment and engineering industry. At present, it is one of the largest cement engineering system integration service providers in the world. The company has an absolute advantage in the domestic market, with an international market share of 40% in 2011, ranking first in the world for four consecutive years. The company has more than 10000 employees (including 40% of management and technical R & D personnel). In 2011, the sales revenue was 25.1 billion yuan and the total profit was 1.9 billion yuan. It reduced the risk of long-term implant side effects - at present, many patients have been negatively affected by permanent implants, with a total asset of 19 billion yuan at the end of the year. The main subordinate units of the company include: Sinoma International (Tianjin), Sinoma International (Nanjing), Chengdu construction materials industrial design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. for judging the compressive capacity of cartons, Sinoma Equipment Group Co., Ltd. and other professional design and research institutes, engineering companies and equipment manufacturing companies. Sinoma International has a complete cement engineering industry chain, and the new dry process cement technology with independent intellectual property rights has reached the international advanced level

after the establishment of Sinoma International, it quickly moved to the international stage in the mode of EPC and EP general contracting. At present, overseas business accounts for more than 70% of the company's business volume. The company has completed and is building more than 120 foreign cement production lines, involving Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, India and nearly 70 countries and regions perpendicular to the axis, Zambia, Morocco, Tanzania, Dominica, Ecuador and so on. It has basically completed the international market distribution and has become a major service provider in the international cement technical equipment and engineering market, Sinoma brand of the company has become an internationally renowned brand

about GE power conversion

GE power conversion business unit uses the technology and system of power conversion to drive the electrification reform of the world's energy and other industrial infrastructure. By designing and producing the world's leading motors, frequency converters and automation and process control systems, it is committed to making today's industrial processes cleaner and more efficient. GE power conversion business unit serves energy, shipbuilding, oil and gas, new energy, industry and other related fields through customized solutions and leading technologies. For more details, please visit

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Ge (NASDAQ: GE) focuses on solving problems that are closely related to your life. We solve the most difficult problems with first-class talents and cutting-edge technology. Seek energy, medical, household appliances, transportation and financial solutions to create a vibrant and healthy world. Think. achieve. For more information, please visit the company officer

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