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Analysis of the current situation of domestic adhesive market

although China's adhesive market is a young industry compared with other industries, with the rapid development of the flexible packaging industry, the competition in the adhesive market is becoming increasingly fierce. How to survive in the fierce competition is a problem that every enterprise will consider, but how to establish its own brand under the premise of survival, not every enterprise has the ability to do it. At present, the domestic market is divided into three parts: first, international brands with strong capital and technology; Second, domestic enterprises above designated size that strive for survival with quality, seek development with innovation, and strive hard on the road of branding; Third, small companies that simply survive at low prices

big international brands that bend down

Henkel, Rohm Haas, Mitsui Takeda, these international brands win customers with their strong financial foundation, technical strength and excellent product quality. Compared with domestic enterprises, they won at the starting line before the competition began. However, with the rapid growth of domestic enterprises, the expansion of these international brands in the Chinese market has also encountered the siege of a large number of competitors, and they have to bend their noble bodies to compete with domestic enterprises in a fierce all-round way. Henkel has set up factories in China and has its own marketing team, which can compete positively with domestic enterprises and fight all-round in the high, medium and low-grade adhesive market

Rohm & Haas mainly promotes water-based adhesives, and has been actively cultivating this market. At present, the effect is remarkable. Water-based adhesives have been recognized by enterprises, and there is a trend to gradually replace polyurethane adhesives. Rohm & Haas has also occupied many domestic water-based adhesive markets with its excellent quality

Mitsui Takeda has been promoting its own medium and high-grade adhesives for large and medium-sized enterprises in the form of agency. But perhaps because Mitsui Takeda has won the praise and recognition of customers for many years, and the product quality is stable, Mitsui Takeda's after-sales service in China is relatively unsatisfactory

in the process of seizing the market with domestic enterprises, these international brands also fell into the vortex of low prices. Because of its strong capital base, it can even be sold at a loss at a price lower than that of domestic brands in some regions. Other international brands will not naturally raise high prices with high service and quality as before. But it doesn't need too high strength and hardness, but because of this, it is even worse for the development of domestic enterprises

small companies with small profits

small companies with numerous stars in China occupy a place in the domestic adhesive market and are also the main force of disorderly competition. Many small companies are engaged in direct vicious price competition, all speaking at low prices, regardless of quality, in order to squeeze into the market to ensure their survival space. 'under the premise of low prices, for the quality and stability of quality, user enterprises can only pray for the protection of God, but God usually turns a blind eye to it

in addition to the low price that small companies have pressed out to grab living space, there are also some helpless moves of old enterprises. Some enterprises, as one of the earliest enterprises producing adhesives in China, have been using one type of adhesives for more than ten years since they bought foreign formulas at the beginning of the establishment of the factory, with little research and development. In the process of fierce market reshuffle, naturally, they will gradually be at a disadvantage. Finally, they can only compete for customers at low prices, and gradually lose their customer base is also helpless. The humidity is 20% - 80%

lack of research and development and being stingy with research and development have become a common problem for many domestic companies. Eager for quick success and instant benefits, we only want the fastest output, rather than doing research and development work that requires long-term investment. The research and development cost is less than 0.3% of the sales, which is in sharp contrast to the large investment of international major brands in scientific research experiments. The shortage of research and development and the direct evil result of low profit competition will be the stagnation of the whole market

the mainstay of survival in the cracks

in the fierce competition, there is also such a main force. They firmly believe that only by getting the satisfaction of the final customers and being responsible for the final customers, can they really win the long-term market. They strictly manage quality and do not survive with low prices and low quality. But because of this, the situation they face is more difficult. They can't compete with international brands with strong technical force in terms of quality, and they can't compete with domestic small enterprises in terms of price, making these enterprises who strive hard on the road of branding seem to survive in the cracks

of course, they also have their own advantages. They are flexible and can make efforts in time to meet the needs of customers, meet the needs of customers, and complete the pre-sale and sales in a perfect and detailed manner. American special alloy company is said to have planned to build a post enterprise service with an ABS production capacity of 600kt/a since 2013. This is what big international brands lack in the domestic market at present, and small enterprises are unable to do it

however, any enterprise will actually consider the problem, and no enterprise will be willing to pay for supporting a brand voluntarily. Therefore, there will be such a strange phenomenon: the same company will choose international brands at a high price when treating different products and considering the safety of quality; Considering the cost, we will buy low-end products with guaranteed quality at a low price, while products of domestic regular brands cannot enter. Enterprises like Kanghe and GAOMENG, which would otherwise vibrate when carrying out force value destruction experiments, pay a lot of human and material resources in R & D services, and are unwilling to lower standards in the purchase of raw and auxiliary materials, are simply unable to fight at a low price, so they are in an awkward position

Kanghe and GAOMENG are undoubtedly the mainstays of China's current adhesive market. They win their loyal customers with high-quality services and high-quality products. They all have a professional foundation that they are proud of. Perfect service makes international brands inferior. In terms of R & D, Kanghe's annual R & D expenses account for 3% - 5% of sales. This proportion is rare for many domestic enterprises, and it is also a magic weapon for Kanghe to move forward in the market competition for many years

we will wait and see who will become bigger and stronger in China's adhesive market. We hope that not only China's Henkel and China's Rohm and Haas, but also China's own world brands will remain forever for 50 and 100 years

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