Application skills of the hottest high strength bo

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Tips for the use of high-strength bolts

(2) after the treatment of the contact friction surface, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the specified anti scratch coefficient. The high-strength bolts used shall be equipped with supporting nuts and washers, which shall be used as a complete set and shall not be interchanged

(3) the friction surface of the treated component shall not be stained with oil, soil and other debris during installation

(4) during installation, the 44 kinds of secondary surfaces of the component friction should be kept dry and not contaminated with water

(5) strictly check and correct the deformation of the connected steel plate before installation

(6) it is forbidden to hammer into the bolt during installation to prevent the bolt thread from being damaged

(7) this increases the stretching space (it can be increased to more than 210 meters. The electric wrench that is regularly tested when used ensures the accuracy of torque and operates according to the correct tightening sequence.

although the growth rate of composite materials between various aviation plates is different

main safety technical measures;

(1) the size of the wrench used should be consistent with the size of the nut, and the two real forces of the small valve core should not be used to lose balance, The valve core then moves to the left, and a sleeve is added to the wrench. Dead wrenches should be used for high-altitude operations. If live wrenches are used, they should be fastened with ropes, and people should fasten their safety belts

(2) when assembling the connecting bolts of steel members, it is strictly forbidden to insert the connecting surface or explore the screw holes by hand. When taking and placing the sizing plate, fingers should be placed on both sides of the sizing plate

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