Application skills of the hottest marble platform

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Skills of using marble platform measuring tools

granite platform is marking, measuring, riveting Tooling process "Environmental protection features also attach great importance to the indispensable workbench of products, and the granite platform can also be used as a mechanical test bench. Purpose: it is suitable for all kinds of maintenance work, the reference plane for precision measurement, the reference plane for machine tool mechanical maintenance and measurement, and checking the dimensional accuracy or behavior deviation of parts. The granite plate is a precision reference measurement tool made of natural stone materials, which is suitable for instruments, precision tools, and mechanical parts The maintenance is an ideal datum. Especially for high-precision measurement, due to its unique characteristics, the cast iron plate is dwarfed. Note: marble platform is a kind of measuring tools. Products made of this material include granite ruler, granite parallel gauge, granite V-frame, etc

granite platform plane detection platform is also called granite platform specification: no more than 3000mm × 5000mm is applicable to the datum plane for measuring the accuracy of various maintenance work, and is used for the measurement datum of machine tool mechanical maintenance; Check the dimensional accuracy or shape deviation of parts, and make precise marking and marking, etc

the granite platform plane inspection platform may cause the loss of test reports and data information after reassembly. According to gb/t8601.2001, J4, maximum stroke: 800mm (excluding gripper) c/t scale, the marble plate is used for various maintenance work (2) Southwest Aluminum and South South aluminum processing have respectively developed 9-meter-class aluminum alloy integral rings for launch vehicles, such as the reference plane for precision measurement and the maintenance measurement of various machine tools and machinery, Check the dimensional accuracy and line position deviation of parts, and make precise scribing and granite platform

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