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Application status and latest development of titanium alloy high-efficiency and high-speed CNC machine tools

titanium alloy vertical high-efficiency and high-speed CNC machine tools

large vertical five axis CNC gantry structure surface milling machining center machine tools, when used to process the overall components of large aluminum alloy aircraft, its good openness is favored by aerospace manufacturing users and has been widely used. Similarly, many CNC machine tool manufacturers have inherited the structural design technology of this kind of machine tools and launched a large vertical five axis CNC gantry structure profile milling machining center machine tool for hem-hms processing of titanium alloy integral components

tarkus, a new vertical five axis CNC gantry machining center dedicated to the machining of large titanium alloy hem-hms, which is launched by the Italian jobs company, a large-scale CNC machine tool manufacturer, can be used as a typical example of this kind of machine tool. The machine tool is mainly used for cutting hard alloys such as titanium alloy, stainless steel and aviation high-temperature alloy. The biggest feature is that the gantry of the machine tool adopts a fully enclosed vertical and horizontal double frame structure (dual frame HV structure). Its X-direction gantry frame is fixed, and the x-axis movement is realized through the movement of the workbench. The workpiece is under the gantry frame, and the z-direction gantry frame can move up and down to realize the z-axis movement. The spindle device has no movable parts in the Z direction, and the Z direction movement of the spindle is like the movement of the machine tool itself. In this way, whether the cutting point of the tool is away from or close to the worktable, it is the same for the spindle device, ensuring the high-precision machining quality in the whole z-axis stroke. At the same time, this vertical and horizontal double frame structure design can improve the structural rigidity of the machine tool, with excellent vibration damping performance and stable operation. Tarkus machine tool is equipped with a high rigidity spindle milling head T35 with two rotating shafts mechanically driven and hydraulically clamped. A swing shaft +120 °/-15 °, C rotating shaft 360 ° continuous, spindle power 42kw, torque 1470nm, base speed 270r/min, maximum speed 4000 r/min, tool interface hsk-a100. The machine tool adopts a fully enclosed protective structure design, with an x/y/z working stroke of 3300 (4500)/2100/1000mm and a feed speed of 32m/min; Worktable 3000 × 1500mm, equipped with 70bar high-pressure cooling and lubrication system. The hydraulic clamping force of the milling head is up to 10000nm, which can meet the requirements of 3-coordinate large load processing applications

tarkus vertical five axis CNC gantry machining center

Germany handtmann company, the famous manufacturer of high-speed CNC machine tools, has also launched a new vertical gantry machining center ubz titanium, which is dedicated to the machining of titanium alloy hem-hms for the aviation manufacturing industry. Ubz Ti machine tool adopts modular design technology. It is a fixed gantry and mobile workbench/pallet structure. The x/y/z linear axis stroke is 13500/3500/1500mm, the maximum feed speed is 20m/min, the acceleration is 2m/s2, and the maximum workbench is 12000 × 2,000mm。 The machine tool is equipped with a high rigidity and high torque fork spindle milling head with a swing axis (+185 °/-30 °) and C rotation axis (± 185 °). The a/c axis is driven by a torque motor and locked by hydraulic clamping. The spindle motor has a power of 63kw (s6:80kw), a torque of 2150nm (s6:3100nm), a maximum speed of 6000r/min, a tool interface hsk-a100 or ISO 50, and is equipped with a high-pressure large flow cutting cooling and lubrication system up to 200bar. In addition, the machine tool is designed with fully enclosed safety protection devices and anti-collision safety glass, which has good visibility; The humanized loading and unloading preparation area with novel design can easily load and unload workpieces from the top or left and right sides

ubz titanium vertical gantry machining center machine tool

multi spindle titanium alloy vertical high-efficiency high-speed NC machining machine tool

realizing high-productivity mass production and processing of titanium alloy integral structural parts has become an urgent demand for the aviation aircraft manufacturing industry. For this reason, some large-scale CNC machine tool manufacturers use the configuration of multiple spindles to achieve parallel processing technology to achieve high productivity mass production processing. The Ti profiler multi spindle large five axis CNC gantry mobile milling machine newly launched by MAG Cincinnati machine tool company in the United States for the aviation manufacturing industry, which is dedicated to the processing of titanium alloys, can be used as a typical example. The standard configuration of Ti profiler machine tool is 3 spindles, 4 or 5 spindles can be selected, and the maximum/minimum center distance of spindles is 2032/1016mm; Each spindle has a continuous power of 51kw, rotating speed of 40 ~ 3500r/min, base speed of 193 r/min, torque of 2520nm, and is designed with hsk-a125 tool interface. The maximum power/speed ratio of the spindle is as high as 0.25, which is more than 10 times that of a typical high-speed CNC MC machine tool made of aluminum alloy. Three to five spindles of the machine tool share xyzab axis programming, which can process three to five same parts at the same time. The x/y/z axis stroke is 8230/3149/711mm, the feed speed is 15/10/5m min-1, and the X axis stroke can be expanded, the longest can exceed 35m, and the AB axis stroke is ± 30 °; The feed speed is 3000/min

ti profiler multi spindle large five coordinate gantry mobile milling machine

ti profiler machine tool has almost doubled the spindle torque compared with the company's wide range profiler series of large five axis gantry mobile milling center machine tools, so it has higher machining efficiency. It is reported that when a 76mm diameter cyclo cut high-speed steel end mill is used on the Ti profiler machine tool to roughen titanium alloy, the metal removal rate MRR reaches 328cm3/min, and the tool life can reach 480min. The wide range profiler machine tool is equipped with a spindle with continuous power of 52kw, rotating speed of 40 ~ 7000r/min, base speed of 370 r/min, maximum torque of 1342nm, tool interface of hsk-a100, and x/y/z feed speed of 10/10/2.5m min-1. It can be used for high-efficiency high-speed cutting of hard alloy structural parts such as titanium alloy and steel, and also for high-efficiency cutting of aluminum alloy

many manufacturers of large aircraft structural parts, such as Boeing, spirit aviation systems, Ural Boeing manufacturing (UBM), have purchased Ti profiler series machine tools. It is reported that the UBM factory is equipped with up to 6 Ti profiler machine tools, which are mainly used for hem-hsm cutting of high-strength titanium alloy landing gear structural parts of Boeing 777/787 and Airbus A380/a350wxb large aircraft

titanium alloy horizontal high-efficiency high-speed CNC machine tool

in high-efficiency high-speed machining applications, compared with vertical machine tools, horizontal CNC machine tools have obvious advantages:

(1) due to the use of suspended workpiece clamping, it is conducive to chip drop and discharge, which can effectively reduce the secondary cutting of chips and the secondary thermal deformation of workpieces, prolong the service life of tools, and improve the processing quality of parts

(2) it is conducive to the high-pressure and large flow hydraulic cooling system to play a more effective role, speed up chip removal, maintain the running accuracy of the machine tool, extend the service life of the tool, and improve the processing quality of parts

(3) horizontal machine tools are easy to design and realize fully enclosed protection, realize high automatic operation, and have better rigidity at the 2016 German plastic industry exhibition - k2016

therefore, many new titanium alloy high-efficiency and high-speed machine tools adopt horizontal structure. The hypermach h4000 GTI horizontal five axis CNC profile milling center, which is newly launched by MAG Cincinnati company of the United States for the aerospace manufacturing industry and is dedicated to the efficient and high-speed machining of large titanium alloy integral components, can be used as a typical example. Applicable size range of hypermach GTI machine tool 2 × The 4/6/8m wide and long titanium alloy integral structure adopts the structure of fixed column and mobile vertical workbench/tray (x-axis, the other four axes are to control the movement of knives). The fixed column and the foundation bed of x-axis vertical workbench are locked and connected together through four columns, forming a "mouth" shaped closed section structure. This innovative structural layout design is conducive to controlling the thermal deformation of the machine tool, and enables the machine tool to obtain the maximum rigidity during heavy-duty cutting and cutting at the upper space position of the working area, so as to maintain the high rigidity, high quality and high-precision cutting of long and wide workpieces. In order to improve the positioning accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool, the x/y/z linear axis is driven by a water-cooled servo motor to eliminate the influence of heat generated during high-speed movement and high acceleration and deceleration on the positioning accuracy. As the standard configuration of the machine tool, the high-pressure cooling system in the center of the spindle and the external high-pressure large flow cooling and lubrication system ensure the high-performance operation of the spindle, prolong the service life of the tool, improve the processing quality and accuracy of parts, and improve the production efficiency

hypermachtm h4000 GTI horizontal five axis CNC profile milling center

gti machine tool X-axis feed speed 50m/min, Y-axis 35m/min, rotating shaft a/c is driven by worm gear pair, rotating speed 10r/min, swing shaft a ± 110 ° and rotating shaft c are 360 ° continuous. GTI machine tool can be configured with two kinds of geared high torque spindles: Power 30KW, torque 850 nm and maximum speed 6000r/min, or power 30KW, torque 1050nm and maximum speed 4800r/min, and its tool interface is hsk-a100. The loading of pallets/parts is designed from the left or right or both sides of the machine tool, which is easy to realize the automation of pallet/part loading and unloading or integrate into the FMC system of flexible manufacturing unit, so as to realize the integration of multiple machine tools for part production

in addition, users can also choose the latest volumetric error compensation (VEC) software package. MAG Cincinnati believes that using VEC program can improve the accuracy of large machine tools in machining large parts by 50%

in recent years, Makino company of Japan has newly launched two high rigidity horizontal five CNC machine tools HMC a81m and HMC T4 designed for hem-hsm processing of difficult to machine materials such as titanium alloy for the aviation manufacturing industry. Both of them are equipped with high power and high torque spindles. The former is designed for small and medium-sized parts, and the latter is designed for large-sized parts. The right figure shows HMC T4 machine tool, whose x/y/z linear axis stroke is 4200/2000/1000mm, rotating axis a ± 110 °, and rotating axis C is 360 ° continuous. The speed of linear axis can reach 16m/min, the rotating axis is 10r/min, and the maximum size of machined parts is 4000 × 1,500 × 700mm, bearing 5000kg. The biggest feature of T4 machine tool is that in order to obtain high-efficiency cutting capacity, it is equipped with an integrated AC spindle driven by dual inverters (which will be discussed later), with continuous power of 100 kW (s%:150kw), continuous torque of 1000nm (s%:1500 nm), base speed of 955r/min, maximum speed of 4000r/min, tool interface hsk-a125, power speed ratio of 0.16, which can provide a maximum cutting force of 20000n, and tool clamping force of 100kN. In order to improve the rigidity of the machine tool and enhance the cutting performance, T4 machine tool not only adopts AC spindle with high power, high torque and high clamping force, but also adopts high rigidity structure design technology, such as a-axis driven by high torque (10000nm), spindle supported by roller bearing, specially designed high rigidity Y-axis slide plate structure, etc., and it is designed with high pressure and large flow cooling system (7MPa, 200l/min) including spindle center cooling and external processing area cooling, An active damping system is designed to suppress low-frequency machining vibration by balancing friction and cutting force. The active damping system can quickly and dynamically change the total friction of the moving guide rail of the machine tool through the machine tool monitoring system, so as to suppress the low-frequency machining vibration

hmc T4 horizontal five axis CNC machining center machine tool

it is reported that when using a 5-tooth 5230vs12-a080r long edge tool on this machine tool to cut Ti Ti alloy materials, the cutting speed is 74m/min, and the metal removal rate MRR is as high as 700cm3/min. Makino company once processed a material removal rate of 80% MRR on this machine tool, with a size of 3200 × one hundred and twenty × 100mm Ti aviation structural parts only took less than 10h, including rough machining for 3h Φ The 80mm 5-tooth corn insert milling cutter has a cutting width of 52mm, a cutting depth of 78.4mm, a cutting speed of 61.6m/min, a feed rate of 123mm/min, and a maximum metal removal rate of 500 cm3/min; Semi finishing and finishing 7hr in total, using Φ 25mm 10 tooth integral carbon steel milling cutter, cutting width 0.5mm, cutting depth 25mm, cutting speed 120m/mi

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