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Can lithium batteries undergo metamorphosis when faced with safety problems

Mr. norbrown, the former CEO of UL, once said: "in the past, our responsibility was to prevent unsafe products from entering the market, but now our responsibility is to help safe products enter the market." This is not only the change of words, but also the change of ideas

high safety and high quality products are needed by the global market.

for the rapidly developing lithium battery industry, the safety of lithium batteries is likely to directly affect the market fate of many application products. From the data point of view, the impact is indeed serious. In fact, since 2006, there have been many examples of a fire worth US $billion. For example, in 2016, Samsung Galaxy note 7 lost nearly $700million due to a large-scale battery fire and explosion. However, compared with the losses caused by the chain reaction of sales decline, profit decline and market capitalization evaporation of Samsung Electronics, the consequences of the brand trust crisis are even more serious. For lithium battery enterprises, product safety is life, and safety issues need to be alarmed for a long time

today, the domestic power lithium battery industry, which has gone through trials and tribulations, has begun to change and is realizing the double improvement of quality and quantity. According to the data, during the last five years when the electromechanical range speed control adopted by Jinan Shijin guarantee was accurate, the specific energy of the power battery unit has doubled, reaching more than 200wh/kg, and the unit cost of the system has dropped to 1 5 yuan/wh

in addition, in 2017, the planned capacity of China's power batteries exceeded 170gwh. It is estimated that by 2018, the output value of China's lithium battery cells will reach 144.8 billion yuan. The power battery industry has become a new growth point of China's national economy. At the same time, the rapid rise of the global new energy automobile industry, as well as the continuous exploration and growth of energy storage, UAV, balance vehicle and other sub sectors, also provide new R & D direction and profit momentum for the development of China's lithium battery industry

however, whether it is the application of power battery products in domestic new energy vehicles, energy storage, echelon utilization and other fields, or the "going global" of domestic lithium battery products, "safety and standardization" has always been an inevitable topic in the industry. Therefore, how to build a unified standard system to improve product safety; How to adapt to the corresponding standards of the overseas market and expand the product sales market, these issues need the domestic lithium battery enterprises to think and layout in advance

numerous and complex application safety problems

when it comes to safety, we have to mention the accident probability. In fact, the lithium battery accident probability we usually talk about means that under relatively mild conditions, if it is in electric vehicles, including vibration, collision and many other circumstances, this probability will be greatly improved. The application safety of lithium batteries is a complex problem

not long ago, American AAA insurance company said that Tesla models and modelx have higher claim frequency and compensation cost than cars of the same level. Therefore, the company is considering increasing the premium rate of the above two models. Although this is only for a Tesla car company, its impact is global

the United States is known as the "country on the wheel". The automotive industry is mature and developed. China has learned from the United States in many aspects of this industry, such as the new energy vehicle credit system. If Tesla is really required to "pay more insurance premium", it will inevitably affect the insurance premium of electric vehicles in China

there are many safety problems in the application of lithium batteries such as insurance costs and accident classification, but the reality is that lithium batteries with safety accidents have passed the safety certification before. Therefore, we found that there is not much correlation between the strict safety test methods and the occurrence of safety accidents, which is a very headache

in addition, domestic lithium battery products should "go global". Enterprises should not only sell products, but also sell public praise and high-end brands. How to achieve this? These are urgent problems to be solved

based on the strong demand of industry enterprises and the consideration of healthy development of the industry, UL and the power battery application branch of China chemical and physical power industry association will jointly sign a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in UL Suzhou Laboratory for strong cooperation. There were also "Introduction to UL battery global access service", "battery safety risks and case sharing" and other special seminars during the period. UL's chief engineer and senior R & D experts brought market information and industry trends related to the standards

through in-depth communication with battery enterprises and vehicle enterprises, the conference will exchange and communicate on the feasibility of domestic lithium batteries entering the international market, UL power battery related standards, problems and technical bottlenecks of power batteries and energy storage batteries in the field of safety and environmental protection, and discuss the direction of lithium battery standardization

ul certification:

ul, founded in 1894, is one of the most authoritative organizations engaged in product safety testing and certification in the United States and the world. With the mission of "creating a safer world", UL is dedicated to evaluating the safety performance of products, materials and systems. In 2003, UL officially entered China. UL Suzhou laboratory is UL's first laboratory in mainland China and also UL's main testing center in China. UL certification is very important for Chinese products to enter the American and even North American markets

it is understood that testing in the laboratory is only a step of UL certification. It is necessary to obtain ul3 For the new technology and new use of certification marks of packaging materials, in addition to the sample delivery and testing of products, the enterprise also has a series of certification procedures. At the same time, it also needs to accept the inspection of engineers sent by UL to the production site four times a year to start the experiment by pressing the key on the computer, so as to confirm the consistency between the products produced by the factory and the products submitted for inspection

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