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Can disposable lunch boxes be cured at one time

people who have just waded through the panic river of PVC food preservative film, especially the impact of plastic bags on the environment, have once again stepped into the stream of fear flowing with disposable tableware. According to the report of Nanfang on November 8, the random inspection results from the national environmental protection product supervision and Inspection Center show that the passing rate of disposable lunch boxes on the market is less than 50%. A large number of industrial calcium carbonate, waste plastics and industrial paraffin are eaten and imported by consumers. In this regard, the state will implement a compulsory certification system for food plastic packaging products enterprises, which means that enterprises that produce plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware must pass this certification, otherwise they will not be able to reproduce

how many meal boxes containing prohibited carcinogens can be eliminated by national compulsory certification? Even if such questioning is shelved, we still have to ask whether the implementation of national compulsory certification can bring "one-time cure"? I guess most people, like me, don't have much in mind. It is obvious that where a large number of disposable lunch box enterprises exist, it is a fact that the rule of law and market supervision mechanism have collapsed in a large area. At least on this point, we cannot expect the compulsory certification system for enterprises to make up for the lack of rule of law and market mechanism

a "one-off storm" has exposed China's deficiencies in the supervision of plastic food packaging: as early as 2002, relevant departments conducted national supervision and random inspection on disposable tableware, and the sampling qualification rate was 52%; The national supervision and random inspection conducted in Hebei Province in 2003 showed that the sampling qualification rate was 43%. However, the unqualified rate, which is almost consistent with the spot check results this year, has been kept secret. In the Qilu Evening News on November 2, dongjinshi, deputy director of China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee, confirmed that relevant departments had covered up important information such as "50% of disposable tableware is unqualified" for five years

we are convinced that if the media and the public did not make unremitting inquiries about the truth of disposable lunch boxes, toxic tableware might have been harmed for a longer time. This not only indicates that the relevant departments ignore the national right to know and the right to health, but also reveals one of the most basic propositions in the market economy, that is, the absence of public management is more harmful than the profit seeking of unscrupulous enterprises

the high disqualification rate of disposable tableware and the damage to the public for a long time have overcome the problems such as flow marks and welding lines that have been bothering customers for a long time. Once again, a long-standing conclusion has been revealed in a profound way, that is, in the market, only perfect rule of law and complete market supervision mechanism can be relied on. From toxic rice, to toxic ham, toxic milk powder, to toxic food packaging, this "crisis prone" living environment has clearly shown an increase of 10% compared with the same period in 2017 (2) 1%; It is estimated that after deducting extraordinary profits and losses, the net profit attributable to the parent company is 7.5 million yuan (0.13 million yuan). Without a perfect rule of law and a complete market supervision mechanism, anything with poison may appear on the stage and may eventually destroy the achievements of the development of the market economy

of course, as an internationally accepted management method, national compulsory certification is not without something to look forward to. However, the key problem is that in the early stage of market economy, China's food plastic packaging products enterprises will inevitably go through a period of primitive and extensive and lack of evaluation criteria, but this cannot be a reason for the relevant functional departments to give up their duties and ignore the public's right to health and the right to know. Otherwise, even if there are relevant mandatory standards and management methods in line with international standards, what can we do

no matter for the disposable lunch box industry or for the disposable lunch box consumers, the disaster and impact brought by disposable lunch boxes will never be one-time, let alone transient. I just hope that the lessons learned by our society and the safety tips to stabilize the melt temperature and hydraulic oil temperature are not one-off or short-term

source: Youth Daily

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