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Can household appliance enterprises catch the ride of sharing economy

recently, sharing has also become a popular search term in the home appliance industry by taking advantage of the sharing economy. Not only has the shared washing machine appeared in large shopping malls in Shanghai, but the concept of shared TV has also surfaced. So, as household appliances with obvious privatization characteristics, is sharing innovation or a false proposition? At the outlet of the development of sharing economy, can the household appliance industry in transition catch up with this express and create a new development model

is sharing household appliances a false proposition

"I heard that there are many bike sharing companies in Beijing, and there are even a dozen companies doing bike sharing. In Japan, this situation may not be realized in another 100 years. I am very surprised at the energy that China's sharing economy has brought to industrial development." Recently, during an in-depth visit to Panasonic, the president of Panasonic Internet solutions said with emotion. In fact, the grand occasion of the shared bicycle industry described by Taihang Wukou is just a microcosm of the development of China's shared economy industry this year. Not only does it mean that new business forms such as shared bicycles, shared cars, shared umbrellas, shared houses and shared household appliances have sprung up recently

in the field of TV, LETV recently announced that it has launched a TV that can be shared, which allows users to gain profits through participating in TV operations and return them as members. This so-called sharing mode is controversial. In the field of white electricity, a set of washing machine products with two functions of washing machine and dryer appeared in Zhengda Lecheng shopping mall, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Users can use the washing machine through cash, and Alipay. A series of events have aroused the industry's attention to shared household appliances

although the modes of shared TV and shared washing machine are different, they both aim to be ideal test equipment for users, and the concept of sharing economy is quasi. Lujianguo, deputy chief engineer of China Household Appliances Research Institute, said in an interview that sharing washing machines is not a new thing. A few years ago, schools and apartments had set up coin operated washing machines that had been proposed for national rejuvenation since taking office. However, now the mode of coin operation has been converted into a two-dimensional code scanning payment mode. The nature has not changed much, and there is no big gap in technology

what is sharing economy? From the original intention of the sharing economy, the sharing economy advocates the use of Internet means to integrate offline idle resources, and connect the supply and demand sides through the sharing platform, In this way, the social margin can be effectively reduced. It is a new economic model that "the footbridges in Urumqi are usually paved with rubber particles, so as to make full use of idle resources to form new growth points.

from this point of view, compared with industries such as sharing bicycles and cars, home appliances such as color TVs and refrigerators have more privatization characteristics, so it is difficult to weaken the" ownership "and emphasize the" right to use ", Therefore, it is difficult to truly realize resource sharing. In view of the actual situation of launching shared TV products in the market at present, many experts believe that the so-called shared TV is just marketing in the name of "sharing" and has not really realized the sharing economy

pengxiandong, general manager of China Yikang consumer electronics business department, told China Electronics News that this is not a very good phenomenon for the development of the color TV industry. The concept of shared home appliances is too vague to really describe the meaning of sharing. If shared TV is just that consumers must first buy TV, and then "share" by playing games to get gold coins, recharging to get members, etc., the meaning is not great

mode still needs further verification

although there is a great controversy about sharing household appliances, household appliance manufacturers seem to be very optimistic about its development prospects. Especially now that the home appliance market is becoming increasingly weak and the profitability of manufacturers is being tested, the current home appliance industry needs to explore new business models to break through the growth dilemma and inject vitality into the development of the industry

in the field of white electricity, washing machines have undoubtedly become home appliances that have entered the sharing stage earlier. Three years ago, Midea, Little Swan and other washing machine enterprises began to lay out the college laundry market, which also attracted enterprises and capital from the home appliance industry, the Internet industry and many other fields. In the east wind of sharing economy, mainstream manufacturers in the household appliance industry have also successively tried to tap the shared washing machine market

for example, Midea has a smart laundry "Midea laundry" project, and Haier Group has a "Haier laundry". Recently, Skyworth is deploying two sharing projects, "fingertip home" and "light customer laundry". Among them, "fingertip home" is based on the Internet 020 platform, focusing on solving the pain points in the current home service field. "Light customer laundry" is an Internet self-service shared intelligent washing machine product. Users can use the app to find nearby available washing machines, lock them with one click reservation, start laundry through payment, and continue to approach the sharing economy model

even so, Lu Jianguo said that compared with the sales of more than 60 million washing machines in the washing machine market, the sales of shared washing machines are only tens of thousands, and the scale is very small. Shared washing machine is just a business form, which is difficult to do on a large scale like sharing bicycles

in addition to washing machine products, manufacturers are also exploring how to realize sharing of other household appliances. TV, refrigerator and other household appliances that are idle and still in "service" can be re circulated to the market through sharing. Especially in the field of smart TV, how to take the ride of sharing economy and truly realize the win-win of "sharing" and "economy" has become the direction of manufacturers

pengxiandong suggested that in terms of sharing TV, color TV manufacturers may cooperate with Lianjia and other housing rental companies to place TV products in rental houses. This practical "sharing" will be more meaningful than concept war

it is worth noting that whether it is shared TV or shared washing machine, the profit effect and return cycle of shared home appliances have yet to be further verified after the handling is completed. The industry development model also needs to be further discussed. Home appliance manufacturers should be cautious and do not blindly follow the trend

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