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Can electronic paper lead digital publishing

in the past 2006, facing the dual diversion of audience and advertising by emerging media, China's newspaper industry faced the reality, boldly accepted the recruitment, comprehensively established the development strategy of digital newspaper industry, and conducted active research and exploration

an important subject of the digital newspaper industry is the research and attempt on the new carrier electronic paper. In the "digital newspaper Laboratory Plan", the General Administration of publication clearly proposed that newspaper publishing units should be encouraged to actively explore a variety of digital publishing forms and business models, and its core is to take electronic paper as the main experimental direction and breakthrough of the new content display medium

in response, the industry has launched active research and attempts on electronic paper: on April 15, 2006, Jiefang newspaper group took the lead in displaying and publishing the world's first electronic newspaper on iRex electronic paper; On October 25, Ningbo newspaper group launched iRex electronic newspaper - Ningbo broadcast, which not only includes local content, but also covers the content of mainstream media in major cities across the country; On October 27, Yantai media group fully launched iRex electronic newspapers and periodicals, which is one of its four newspapers and three periodicals, and became the first media group in the world to fully enter the era of electronic paper. At the same time, newspapers in developed countries such as the United States and Europe have also begun to explore electronic paper: the World Press Association has established an electronic paper alliance, and many newspapers such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the British Daily Telegraph, the Italian Republic and the Belgian times have launched electronic newspapers

after a period of experiments, how is the development of e-newspapers? What can e-paper bring to the newspaper industry? Is it the new medium that the newspaper industry is looking for? This magazine interviewed Lin Jiang, deputy director of the Press Department of the General Administration of publication and the general coordinator of the China Digital Newspaper laboratory program, Dr. zhouguofu, global vice president, chief technology officer and Asia Pacific president of iRex Technology Co., Ltd., one of the originators and inventors of e-paper technology, and the relevant principals of the above three newspaper groups to try to get a glimpse. Zhouguofu: electronic paper is the best digital medium for paper media. In an interview with this journal, Dr. zhouguofu introduced in detail the characteristics, functions and application prospects of e-paper, and answered the core competitiveness, profit model and product price of e-paper that the industry is most concerned about

e-paper has begun to have the reading experience of paper

e-paper is called "paper" because it is developed as a substitute for paper. At present, e-paper has begun to have some characteristics of traditional paper: -- Reading under ambient light, it is easy to read indoors and outdoors—— High brightness and resolution, 180 ° viewing angle—— Reflective type (LCD screen is projection type), visual comfort, adjustable font size and visual protection—— No power consumption and energy saving after image and text refresh—— It weighs more than 300 grams and is portable and suitable for mobile reading. E-paper integrates the characteristics of new digital media. The newspaper industry's attempt and exploration of e-paper is not only to put the content on a new digital platform, but also to meet the audience's demand for new content and consumption experience and the advertisers' demand for accurate communication through this new media, so as to reconstruct the business model of the newspaper industry and find a way for the newspaper industry to survive in the era of digital content. At present, electronic paper has the following functions: -- digital publishing and distribution—— Carry and read on the move—— Download the latest newspapers and periodicals in real time to realize the intellectual property protection of content and the query function of advertising—— The user behavior tracking and analysis function enables the newspaper industry to study and analyze readers' reading habits and reading needs, provide personalized and interactive content and services for end readers, and provide a platform for advertisers to accurately advertise. The core competitiveness and profit model of e-paper at present, the business model of the traditional newspaper industry has been basically mature after hundreds of years of development; The digital newspaper industry has no mature business model in the world, even in the developed countries in Europe and the United States

therefore, as one of the key media technologies of the digital newspaper industry, e-paper itself can not provide a perfect or preliminary profit model. It can only provide readers with a paper reading experience and a terminal medium for the newspaper industry to realize "the value of content products, the accuracy of advertising, and the personalization of user services". Its core competitiveness lies here. On the basis of this core competitiveness, the profit model of e-paper will be gradually constructed with the development of digital newspaper industry. Dr. zhouguofu said that iRex is cooperating and researching with the Chinese newspaper industry, constantly improving and perfecting the functions of e-paper, and jointly exploring and constructing the business model of e-paper

the price of electronic paper

as an electronic product that has just entered the market introduction period, the current national unified retail price of electronic paper is 9500 yuan, mainly for high-end users. The price has become the biggest obstacle to its market promotion. As far as the newspaper industry is concerned, e-paper is only a terminal content display medium. The market generally believes that if the price can be reduced to 1500 ~ 2500 yuan, it will have an ideal application prospect. In this regard, Dr. zhouguofu made an analogy: This is actually a question of "chicken begets egg" or "egg begets chicken". It is precisely because at present, electronic paper, as a new thing in the world, has just entered the application stage, its scale effect has not yet appeared, and there is no advantage in product price; With the continuous improvement of the product itself and the operating environment, as well as the gradual understanding, acceptance and application of electronic paper, its price will gradually decline significantly, even lower than the price of LCD, which is the same as the pricing strategy of other electronic products

Dr. zhouguofu finally pointed out that the development of technology has promoted the development of media, and the combination of papermaking and printing has given birth to newspaper media; The development of cable network technology promotes the popularization of TV media; The development of Internet technology makes Internet the fourth media; The development of wireless network and 3G technology makes media possible; Electronic paper technology will bring epoch-making revolution to newspaper publishing industry. Three newspaper groups: cautiously optimistic about how e-paper will affect the digital transformation of China's newspaper industry? Will it become an important direction for the development of China's digital newspaper industry

in this regard, perhaps the three newspaper groups that have really tried electronic paper have the most say. Linye (i-paper project leader of Jiefang newspaper group): e-paper is an important part of our group's digital platform. At present, it mainly targets 300 high-end major customers. We are exploring the profit model of electronic newspapers. We hope to integrate the content resources of newspapers and periodicals within the group, collect channel fees, and send targeted advertisements to high-end people. In practice, we believe that the current electronic newspaper needs to be further improved, including three aspects: first, the improvement of the electronic paper product itself, such as realizing fast downloading anytime and anywhere, providing better reading stability and reading experience; Second, the improvement of the operation environment. For example, related industries should provide software support for the operation platform of the digital newspaper industry, so that newspapers can be quickly converted into the format of electronic newspapers and uploaded to the background; The third is to realize copyright protection on the electronic paper platform. Therefore, we believe that as an important part of the digital newspaper industry, e-newspaper is still a new thing. At present, it is still far from the real large-scale commercial

Tian Yong (general manager of Ningbo newspaper group, Ningbo, China): the development of digital newspaper industry needs an offline and multimedia electronic reading terminal. However, the current e-paper technology is not perfect and mature, so it is difficult to say whether it is or not an important development direction. I think the development of electronic paper still has the following bottlenecks: "wireless download. Definition: the ratio of the impact energy consumed by the specimen fracture to the cross-sectional area of the specimen fracture. At present, the wireless download environment in China is not ideal as a whole. The wireless download function of electronic paper is greatly restricted, and sometimes it must be downloaded. If it can be connected with the wireless networks of China Mobile and China Unicom, it will help to solve the problem of no heat generation. The electronic paper product itself should improve and realize the functions of recording and audio frequency, flexible display, color display and video playback as soon as possible. Technical standards must be unified and open. On the one hand, electronic paper products should be compatible with each other. Like computers, different electronic paper terminals have the same standards and can accept the same content; On the other hand, e-paper can be compatible with computers, and you can download things on the network to e-paper, so as to solve the content bottleneck

the newspaper industry must innovate the content products and forms of expression of electronic paper

as the content provider of electronic paper, the newspaper industry must develop content products suitable for its characteristics and innovate its forms of expression according to the unique characteristics of electronic paper. The mature market operation mode explores and establishes the subscription, distribution, advertising and transaction modes of newspapers on the e-paper platform according to the characteristics of e-paper, so as to establish a real business model. To reduce the product price, the manufacturer should reduce the product price to a level acceptable to the market as soon as possible. We think that about 2000 yuan may be more appropriate. Jihuiqing (chief engineer of Yantai media group): newspapers do content. With the emergence of new media and new media, the newspaper industry must consider how to deliver content to readers more effectively. Our group is very optimistic about the development prospect of mobile reading. E-paper is one of the most suitable technologies we have found so far, so we have made active attempts and explorations. At the same time, we also hope to train our team through the e-paper project and establish a team with two kinds of transmission parts of the electronic universal experimental machine to meet the development needs of the digital newspaper industry. In the process of operating the e-paper project, we found the following problems: it is urgent to establish a digital new media acquisition and editing platform. Newspapers are good at the production of content products. In the process of converting newspaper content into e-paper content, we urgently need a standardized and process oriented new media acquisition and editing platform. The key lies in the serious lack of relevant technical support and software support. This involves the process reengineering in the transformation of the newspaper from traditional newspaper industry to digital newspaper industry. We are willing to invest capital to establish such a platform. However, this is not something we can do alone, but requires the attention and research and development of related industries. At present, the cooperation between us and founder of Peking University is under negotiation

at present, electronic paper has just entered the market, and its content is still relatively poor, which is an important reason restricting its application. We hope that more content providers, including newspapers, periodicals, book publishing and other industries, will sell content products on the e-paper platform to jointly enrich the content resources of e-paper

since e-paper is a new type of content terminal, the management must consider how to effectively implement management, especially the control of e-paper content and advertising

in the screening of sample readers, we found that the audience has a very high acceptance of e-paper. However, I believe that if we really want to replace paper newspapers in an all-round way, readers' reading habits need to be further cultivated and formed. Price problem price is one

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